• Restore responsible management of recyclable materials and solid waste.
  • Take action to remediate the expanding dioxane plume, which threatens Ann Arbor’s fresh water source. (see City Council will see increased legal costs regarding dioxane plume
  • Reduce Ann Arbor’s carbon footprint by increasing energy efficiency and improving access to residential and commercial renewable energy sources like solar panels.  
  • I support the creation of the Ann Arbor Greenway because it will become an important pedestrian and bicycle link, a valuable open space and will encourage economic development.
  • I have consistently supported protection of our parkland.
  • I support improving the current Depot Street Ann Arbor train station, and other transportation alternatives to single occupancy vehicles. I oppose repurposing our public parkland for a new train station. 
  • President, Friends of Dicken Woods. The Friends of Dicken Woods has worked to remove invasive species, restore native species and improve the pollinator habitat.
  • Supporter of Parkland Preservation (Huron Hills Golf Course)
  • Bicycling safety would be greatly improved by fixing potholes


$100,000 art installation on Stadium bridge walkway. I voted against this installation because of cost. It's also a possible hazard for walkers and bikers.