“You cannot have police officers reviewing their own conduct. A review process has to be fully empowered — you can't hobble the process by not giving full access, information, witnesses and videotape, whatever it be, to this group.”  Michigan Daily, Apr. 12, 2018


Jack speaking about a police review board - UM Ford School of Public Policy Forum, 4/23/18. Source: CTN (Twitter)
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I have consistently supported adding funding to our safety services.

  • I regularly seek to add police officers to allow for proactive policing, including traffic enforcement and downtown beat officers.
  • I supported funding a study to assess the adequacy of our fire stations and the staffing needed in each station.
  • I have worked closely with pedestrian safety advocates to improve safety around our schools. Those efforts will need continued commitment. 
  • I have advocated for a fully-empowered police review board (watch video below)

Ann Arbor is a welcoming, diverse and tolerant city. We are home of the University of Michigan, which draws employees, instructors and students from around the world. It is important to me that all residents have confidence in their local government and its employees. I proudly sponsored an ordinance to limit the collection of immigrant status information in the routine conduct of City business. It is important to me that every resident and visitor feel comfortable interacting with our police and staff. Our entire community must be able to trust our police officers and City staff, so a victim or witness of crime is willing to cooperate with local law enforcement.


Jack speaking about guns in schools - UM Ford School of Public Policy Forum, 4/23/18. Source: CTN (Twitter)
(This segment starts at 1:20:30 in the full video.)

Source: CTN (Twitter)

A group called "Bright Students Need Bright Lights" asked the City to do a better job of lighting our streets. They are a group of six passionate students with a vision to improve the safety of Ann Arbor using higher quality, more efficient light fixtures around campus and surrounding areas. I am encouraged by our young citizens’ activism. It is sad that they need to organize just to get basic features such as adequate street lighting. I am proud to have worked on increasing funding for street lights and will continue to focus on this essential element of public safety.