Ann Arbor faces important challenges in the next few years that will shape our city for decades to come. This year will be the first time you elect a Mayor for a 4-year term. I will provide common-sense leadership that reflects our community’s priorities.

As Mayor, I will be guided by my core values:

Sensible Spending Priorities

  • Our vibrant economy requires excellent infrastructure – roads, sewers and water mains
  • Our diverse neighborhoods deserve excellent services – police, fire, solid waste and snowplowing
  • Our values require us to be vigorous stewards of our environment – addressing the 1,4-dioxane plume and fixing our broken recycling program

Responsive Representation

  • Align our budget with community priorities
  • Improve zoning laws to balance neighborhood character and development
  • Seek public input on the $87 million train station proposal

Transparent Governance

  • Establish a strong, independent police review board
  • Improve public access to city decision making
  • Focus the Mental Health Millage funds on mental health services


Jack earned his undergraduate degree from the U of M and his law degree from Wayne State University. He is a retired labor lawyer who spent his career representing unions and their members, not corporations. The priority must be to serve residents, not to cater to the needs of developers or out-of-town businesses. In representing the Fourth Ward on City Council since 2013, Jack has consistently voted to uphold community values:

  • Fiscal Integrity
  • Prioritized street repairs and flood prevention
  • Returned $900,000 of Public Art funds to infrastructure budgets
  • Increased funding for Police and Fire Fighters
  • Community Stewardship And Advocacy
  • Police Oversight Board
  • Safe streets for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers
  • Affordable housing
  • Fair water and sewer rates
  • Transparent Governance
  • Full disclosure of Train Station process
  • Public vote on use of Library Lot Improved accessibility to City documents


Jack speaking at the UM Mayor and City Council Candidate Forum 4/12/18. See the full video here.