Honest Mental Health Funding

$2,000,000 of the recently passed millage isn't going to fund mental health services." I oppose the re-purposing of the mental health and public safety money because we should be taking care of the problems that we have in this community with those funds."


Jack speaking about guns in schools and mental health funding - UM Ford School of Public Policy Forum, 4/23/18.  Source: CTN (Twitter)
This segment starts at 1:20:30 in the full video.

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Jack speaking about medical marijuana at city council, 12/4/17.  Source: CTN (Twitter)
(This segment starts at 0:33:50 in the full City Council session video)


New fencing on the roofs and upper floors of parking structures. Installation of fencing began with a few weeks of Jack's introducing a resolution urging the DDA to act.

rooftop anti-suicide fence
upper floor fences
rooftop and upper floor fences