"IBEW Local 252 is pleased to announce the endorsement of Jack Eaton for Mayor of Ann Arbor in the upcoming election. We believe that Jack Eaton understands the issues affecting our members and their families living in Ann Arbor. We believe Jack will work on behalf of working families and best represent their interests." Ryan Husse, Business Manager, IBEW Local No. 252

“To be sure, nearly all of the candidates running for election or re-election in the Democratic primary in Ann Arbor municipal races share some degree of concern regarding the environment. This city demands action regarding protecting the environment, globally and locally. We are supporting candidates who are prepared to take MEASURABLE action on climate change. Jack is that candidate." James D'Amour, Political Committee Chair, Huron Valley Group, Sierra Club  click here for complete statement

Friends of West Park - "Jack is all for keeping our city parks Safe and Clean."



  • Lynn Rivers, former US Congresswoman, District 13, former MI State Representative, 53rd District
  • Sumi Kailasapthy, Ward 1 Council Member 
  • Anne Bannister, Ward 1 Council Member 
  • Jane Lumm, Ward 2 Council Member 
  • Mike Anglin, former Ward 5 Council Member 
  • Vivienne Armentrout, former County Commissioner 



  • BB Anderson
  • Mike Babycz
  • Bernie Banet
  • Walli Bellairs
  • Marilyn & Gordon Bigelow
  • Braxton Blake
  • Susan Blake
  • Kathy Boris
  • Lynn Borset
  • Nancy Broadway
  • John Brundage
  • Bradley Cardinale
  • Wendy Carman
  • Doug Cowherd
  • Bob Dascola
  • Timothy J. Durham
  • Nancy Broadway
  • Mark Clevey
  • Brad Cook
  • Bob Dascola
  • Peter Eckstein
  • John Floyd
  • Jim Foulke
  • Helga Haller
  • Mary Hathaway
  • Will Hathaway
  • Freda Herseth
  • Vicki Honeyman
  • Libby Hunter
  • Tim Janssen
  • Kitty & Steven Kahn
  • Nancy & Harvey Kaplan
  • Nick Kazan
  • Charles Lewis
  • Eric Lipson
  • Rita Mitchell
  • Mike & Leslie Morris
  • William Niebling
  • Linda Pedrick
  • Herbert Pfabe Jr.
  • Andrew Pieknik
  • Ethel Potts
  • Peggy Rabhi
  • Stephen & Agnes Reading
  • Cathy Reisfield
  • Margaret Schankler
  • David Silkworth
  • Virginia Simon
  • Jennifer Steiner
  • Ed Steinman
  • Claudette J. Stern
  • Mary Summers
  • Gary P.Supanich
  • Debbie Tennant
  • John & Debbie Torgerson
  • Mary Underwood
  • Jim and Janet Vincze
  • James Walker
  • Niki  And  Jon Wardner
  • Robert Warner
  • Doug White
  • Shirley White-Black
  • Frank Wilhelme
  • John Woodford



"This election, I am voting for candidates that have proven themselves to be honest, competent, compassionate, and experienced. I want my representatives to have values and priorities that match mine. I want a fighter who will do what is right, even when it's hard. Jack Eaton is at the top of that list. Join me in supporting him. Jack Eaton - not just the Mayor OF Ann Arbor, but a mayor FOR Ann Arbor."  -- Lynn Rivers, former US Congresswoman, District 13

"We need Jack's strength and integrity. He has brought common sense and thoughtful and open dialogue to City Council discussion during his tenure as a Council member."  -- Peggy Rabhi

"In addition to being thoughtful on issues before Council, Jack Eaton conducts this role with grace and dignity. He is respectful and kind even when he disagrees with a colleague or a constituent on an issue. That is the temperament we would like to see in our Mayor."  -- Vivienne Armentrout, former County Commissioner

"Jack's courage, strength of character and intellect, and willingness to stand up and protect the interests of the people is a recurring theme.  -- Anne Bannister, City Council member, Ward 1

"Thorough, competent, clear, open, forthright, of high integrity and having a passion to do what's best for Ann Arbor residents describe Jack. Added to these traits is one more rare--leadership ability."  -- Ed Steinman

"Left unaddressed, increasing human-induced climate change risks – droughts, deluges/rain-bombs, heat/cold extremes, toxic releases and related social unrest – will consume our community. Serving as the City Council representative to the Ann Arbor Energy Commission, Jack Eaton is well versed in climate change, sustainability, energy and environmental issues that face our community. He has been endorsed for City Council by the Sierra Club, Huron Valley Chapter and is one of a handful of local policymakers that understands the issue of solar taxation and local government. The time for platitudes, dynamic inaction and soft climate denialism is well past. We need strong leadership on these and related issues now. It is for these reasons that I endorse Jack Eaton for Mayor of the City of Ann Arbor."  --Mark Clevey, Vice-Chair, Ann Arbor Energy Commission • Founder/Organizer, Ann Arbor Solar Users Network • Co-Founder & Former Treasurer, Michigan Interfaith Power and Light • Vice President, Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association

"I've always admired Jack's common-sense approach to city government." --Peter Eckstein

"Jack Eaton's voting record shows that he is already providing city-wide leadership on basic City issues, such as how our tax money is spent and how our public land is developed. He leads in representing what we, in Ann Arbor, want for our city."  -- Ethel Potts, former Planning Commission member

"Jack Eaton gets 5 stars as a council member for being exceptionally well informed on issues and items coming before city council, hard-working, involved, communicating with constituents, respectful, fair, highly ethical and excellent ability to address issues publicly. I could go on. As mayor I would expect the same. I stand behind him 100%. Ann Arbor needs Jack Eaton as mayor." --Mary Underwood, small business owner

"If you want more transparency, more citizen input, more respect for constituents wishes, more emphasis on spending to benefit the majority, less wasteful spending, less pursuit of expensive boondoggles like a massive parking garage to benefit the U of M Hospital with a poorly located train station, then you need to vote: Jack Eaton for Mayor and think which candidate in your Ward would support similar principles." --James Walker, National Motorists Association, A2 since 1962

"Jack is my man for Mayor. Common Sense Leadership." --Bob Dascola, downtown business owner

"I'm a Ward 5 voter who has admired Jack's work on Council since he was elected by Ward 4 voters in 2013. I am pleased to finally have the opportunity to vote for Jack. All of Ann Arbor will benefit from his open and honest communication. Vote for Jack. He listens and acts!" --Rita Mitchell, Wurster Park Steward • Allen Creek Greenway Citizen's Advisory Commission • Ann Arbor Environmental Commission, Pollinator Subcommittee

"Jack Eaton was one of four councilpersons that stood up to out-of-town developers and fought to protect our Neighborhood Village on Broadway in Ward 1. Ann Arbor needs a leader with backbone; I wholeheartedly endorse Jack Eaton for Mayor." --Andrew Pieknik

"Finally the common sense candidate we’ve been waiting for. Jack’s honesty is a breath of fresh air and is sorely needed."  --Mike Babycz

"We, the longtime Ann Arbor residents, need a new voice. We think Jack Eaton will be the that important person. We are sick and tired of the backdoor dealing has been going on with the current mayor. --Nick Kazan

"I moved to Ann Arbor for the high-rises, urban sprawl, increasing traffic and congestion ... said no one, anywhere, ever! I endorse Jack Eaton because he understands why people love the city of Ann Arbor - it's size, diversity, charm, green spaces, and high-quality of life. He is committed to protecting the attributes of A2 that I value." --Bradley Cardinale

"Jack Eaton was a tremendous advocate for representing the rights of homeowners during the current North Oaks Project. He truly represents the current residents of the city of Ann Arbor and thoughtfully considers how development will affect the current property owners." --Jennifer Steiner