This is Common-Sense Leadership


  • It is dealing with the problem of rapid gentrification--rising housing prices and taxes. Demand for affordable housing will not be satisfied by building luxury apartments and expensive condominiums. It's especially odd that some Council members were supportive of the idea of a new millage to fund affordable housing.  Austin, Boulder and Portland have adopted permissive attitudes regarding development and have found that the high-end developments have only exacerbated the problems of income disparity, high housing costs and homelessness.
  • It is fixing our ragged roads before spending road money for artwork alongside them. 
  • It would have meant creating a downtown park rather than rubber-stamping an out-of-town developer’s project that will overshadow the city core.
  • It is reforming our zoning laws to ensure that future developments don’t destroy the character of our neighborhoods and our downtown.
  • It is doing more to fund our obligations to our city retirees before funding every pet project that a Council member wants to put forward.
  • It is strengthening police staffing before passing new laws for them to enforce and creating a civilian review board to guarantee responsible policing. 
  • It is protecting and expanding our park system and not using existing parkland for an expensive and unnecessary new train station.
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  • It is listening to citizen voices throughout the year rather than just asking for votes at election time.
  • It means updating our sewer system to prevent the kind of floods that sometimes disrupt and damage our neighborhoods as well as our downtown.
  • It means providing full access to city proposals to funding agencies rather than inking out every substantive line of a document legally requested by the press.