This is Common-Sense Leadership


  • It is putting the needs of our current residents ahead of those we think may be coming in.
  • It is fixing our ragged roads before spending road money for artwork alongside them.
  • It would have meant creating a downtown park rather than rubber-stamping an out-of-town developer’s project that will overshadow the city core.
  • It is reforming our zoning laws to ensure that future developments don’t destroy the character of our neighborhoods and our downtown.
  • It is doing more to fund our obligations to our city retirees before funding every pet project that a Council member wants to put forward.
  • It is strengthening police staffing before passing new laws for them to enforce—and yet creating a civilian review board to guarantee responsible policing. 
  • It is protecting and expanding our park system and not using existing parkland for an expensive and unnecessary new train station.
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  • It is listening to citizen voices throughout the year rather than just asking for votes at election time.
  • It means reforming our transit system to reflect the real needs of our citizens and our businesses rather than sending giant, empty buses on poorly-used routes.
  • It means updating our sewer system to prevent the kind of floods that sometimes disrupt and damage our neighborhoods as well as our downtown.
  • It means providing full access to city proposals to funding agencies rather than inking out every substantive line of a document legally requested by the press.