1st and 3rd MON, 8-9:30 am (including after the Aug 7 election): Coffee with Jack, Roos Roast, 1155 Rosewood St. If these hours are not convenient for you, please feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting at a different time. I always enjoy meeting with residents., 734-662-6083

EVERY OTHER MON, 7 - 11:30 pm: Watch Jack live at City Council (meetings & schedules)




Jack is proud to have received endorsements from these community organizations and Ann Arbor residents:



"This election, I am voting for candidates that have proven themselves to be honest, competent, compassionate, and experienced. I want my representatives to have values and priorities that match mine. I want a fighter who will do what is right, even when it's hard. Jack Eaton is at the top of that list. Join me in supporting him. Jack Eaton - not just the Mayor OF Ann Arbor, but a mayor FOR Ann Arbor. -- Lynn Rivers, former US Congresswoman, District 13

"We need Jack's strength and integrity. He has brought common sense and thoughtful and open dialogue to City Council discussion during his tenure as a Council member."  -- Peggy Rabhi

"No one agrees with any particular politician on every issue. That said, the majority of Jack Eaton's positions favor: 1) more respect for citizens' views, 2) a LOT more transparency, 3) more protection for the nature & culture of A2, 4) more careful future housing development with more city input, 5) SIGNIFICANTLY more fiscal responsibility, 6) more diverse representation on council, 7) respect for spending tax monies for the specific purposes they were passed, 8) more respect for state laws, 8) less power for the DDA, 9) better use of staff with less wasted spending on consultants, and finally 10) a REAL focus on fixing the roads." --James C. Walker, National Motorists Association, A2

"Jack Eaton was one of four councilpersons that stood up to out-of-town developers and fought to protect our Neighborhood Village on Broadway in Ward 1. Ann Arbor needs a leader with backbone; I wholeheartedly endorse Jack Eaton for Mayor." --Andrew Pieknik

"We, the longtime Ann Arbor residents, need a new voice. We think Jack Eaton will be that important person. We are sick and tired of the backdoor dealing has been going on with the current mayor." --Nick Kazan

"Jack Eaton was a tremendous advocate for representing the rights of homeowners during the current North Oaks Project. He truly represents the current residents of the city of Ann Arbor and thoughtfully considers how development will affect the current property owners." --Jennifer Steiner

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